Developing your canvas

Your bespoke design ...
Hydrangea design mood board

For each bespoke design we start by having a chat about you, your wedding theme, colours and the general look and feel you are after. Any images you could give us as a reference point would be great. We will then create a mood board as a design inspiration for your bespoke wedding canvas, just like the one on the right. 

Design development on paper

As soon as the colours and theme are decided we will start developing your design on paper and email you detailed pictures for your approval. At this stage we work closely together to tweak and amend the design if necessary in order to meet your desired look. Two rounds of changes are included in the package for all bespoke designs. 

Once you are happy, your design will be printed onto canvas. For more depth, stronger and more vibrant colours we can hand paint on top of the pre-printed design. For all bespoke designs you can choose either printed canvas or printed and hand painted canvas.

left side printed, right side printed & painted

The image to the right shows a printed canvas where we already hand painted on top of the print on the right hand side. 

As you can see the hand painted colours give the canvas additional depth and stronger, more vibrant and defined colours.

Choose from existing designs ...

Check out the design gallery to see our existing designs from which you can choose. Same as for the bespoke designs, you can choose a printed or printed and hand painted canvas. If you choose a canvas from one of our existing designs we can supply you with the artwork files so you can print your menue, place card and other papeterie in the same design to carry the look and feel through your day.

An evening affair
Spring bouquet