About us

The biggest day of your life should be an event, unique and personal to you. We will offer you the opportunity to personalise your wedding with a range of customisable, hand painted items.
hand painted wedding guest book canvas
hand painted wedding guest book idea
photograph by Jennifer Hejna

We provide hand painted canvasses in line with your personal wedding theme, which you can use ...
  • As an alternative guestbook idea. We provide you with a beautifully decorated canvas, where the centre will be blank with plenty of room for your loved ones to be creative themselves or simply leave their wedding wishes. 
  • As a table plan. We can print your message board design and add your table plan into the centre of the canvas. Given enough time we can also hand embellish the border with fresh paint to lift the artwork to create a true keepsake.
  • As unique wall decoration. Long after your big day, the canvas is a fantastic memory for you to enjoy in your home on your wall rather than in a book hidden away in a cupboard. 

Using your existing theme or canvas, we can design menus or place cards that you can print in line with your other stationery.

We offer three levels of service:
  •  Choose a design entirely bespoke to your liking.
  •  Choose a design from our design gallery, where we add fresh hand painted embellishments to give even more life to an already vibrant design.
  • Choose a design from our design gallery, which is printed and sent directly to you. This is a great option especially when time is of the essence

About me

It all started with my own wedding in summer 2011. I, like most brides, was looking to give my wedding a personal touch.
As I love painting and drawing, I began hand painting mini canvasses as place names for our guests. This led me to search for a company which would provide hand embellished stationery and we found Momental Designs who created our wedding stationery around our thoughts.

Excited as I was, I decided to carry the hand painted theme through the wedding, though none of the conventional guest books I found appealed to me. I wanted something unique and personal, so I designed my first wedding guestbook canvas with a printed matching table plan. And that's how it all started ... For more photos of my own wedding please visit PlanYourPerfectWedding.

Still now, it's lovely, to see our mini easels in our friend’s homes. We had attached magnetic tape to the back to use as fridge magnets and also painted extras, for those whose children couldn’t come.

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We would love to hear from you, please don't hesitate to drop us an email info@myhandpaintedwedding.co.uk